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Laminating Systems

Shop & Compare Laminating Evolis ID Card Systems

The Evolis laminating ID card systems feature the quality and reliability that Evolis is known for, along with everything you need to get started at a great price. Evoilis systems come with a 3-year warranty, exterior color options, color ribbons, cards, CloudBadging ID software and more. Get yours today, and save money with our guaranteed low prices and FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100!

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    Evolis PrimacyID ID Card System Single-Sided
    Item#: Evolis-PrimacyID-System1
    MSRP $2,468.00
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    Evolis PrimacyID ID Card System Dual-Sided
    Item#: Evolis-PrimacyID-System2
    MSRP $3,053.00
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Have Questions about Laminating Evolis Systems? We Have Answers!

Why Choose an Evolis System?
Single-sided Evolis ID systems pair our best-selling Evolis printers with all the supplies required to launch your ID card program. Alternatively, you can purchase a Evolis ID card printer as a standalone piece of equipment, but it is important to note that the printer itself does not come with everything you need to print cards.
Buying an ID system greatly simplifies your purchasing process by guaranteeing compatibility across system components, plus they are more affordable than buying all components individually.
In addition to a card printer, printing ID badges requires a printer ribbon, ID software, blank cards, and a camera for capturing ID photos. Our bundled Evolis systems contain supplies and equipment that seamlessly work together. Plus, you can customize your single-sided Evolis system by changing the type of cards included, adding printer features such as encoding or lamination, upgrading to a more advanced ID camera, and adding extended warranty and/or loaner coverage.
What Supplies Will I Need for my Laminating Evolis System?

To produce laminated ID badges, your laminating Evolis printer requires two special supplies not found in other ID systems: laminate (also called overlaminate) and composite PVC-PET cards.

There are a number of Evolis laminates to choose from: clear, holographic, patch, and full-coverage overlay. If you haven't ordered laminate before, call an ID Professional at ID Wholesaler to determine which option is the best fit for your machine.

Rather than standard 100% PVC cards, you'll need composite PVC-PET cards for your laminating printer. Composite PVC-PET cards are the same size and look the same as standard PVC cards, but they are more durable and resistant to the high heat used in the lamination process. Unlike standard PVC cards, composite PVC cards will not warp under the pressure of intense heat.

Should I Consider Dual-Sided Lamination?

Choose a Evolis ID system that includes a card printer configured for or that can be upgraded to offer dual-sided lamination if you want to protect both sides of your ID cards, or if you want to add holographic images to both card surfaces for extra security.