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Single-Sided Printers

Shop & Compare Evolis Single-Sided ID Card Printers

ID Wholesaler stocks Evolis single-sided ID card printers with your choice of monochrome rewrite or full-color, direct-to-card technology. Configurable for both magnetic stripe and smart card encoding and offering a range of connectivity options, Evolis single-sided card printers are attractive and easy to operate. Read customer reviews and choose from Zenius Classic, Zenius Expert, Primacy, and Tattoo 2 Rewrite models.

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Have Questions about Evolis Single-Sided Card Printers? We Have Answers!

Can I Print on Both Sides of My Cards with a Evolis Single-Sided Printer?

Single-Sided Card Printers Card

Technically, yes, you can print one side of your cards, load them back into your card hopper and send them through your printer again to print the other side. However, this is not only time consuming, it's also not recommended by Evolis as this practice tends to damage the sensitive printheads in card printers.

When you handle your cards after printing them, the cards will collect dust and debris from the air and oils from your hands. Putting cards that have been handled in this way back into your single-sided card printer brings these contaminates into contact with your printer's printhead. This practice commonly causes printhead pixel damage which will not only affect the quality of your printed card output, it will also be expensive to fix. Once a printhead is damaged, the only way to fix it is to replace it with a new one. Plus, damage to a printhead from this type of non-standard use may even void printer warranty coverage.

The Evolis Primacy can be upgraded to dual-sided printing any time; however, if you need to print to both sides of your cards now, shop for a dual-sided Evolis printer.

Manually flipping your cards to print on the back using a single-sided printer can result in printhead damage.

What is Rewritable Technology?

Rewritable Evolis single-sided ID card printers are a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly card printing solution when the data printed on cards needs to be updated frequently, such as visitor ID cards.

Rewrite printing doesn't require a ribbon, but does require the use of special rewritable cards. In rewrite printing, heat is used to 'print' information onto the heat-sensitive material contained in rewritable cards. This technology allows you to erase and reprint cards hundreds of times! Rewritable cards may be printed with a permanent full-color image on one part of the card, and the rewritable portion on the other. The rewritable portion of cards is generally offered with blue or black one-color printing.

Choose a single-sided Evolis ID card printer with rewrite capability if the data on your cards will be shared by many people or the data printed on them needs to be updated frequently.