Benefits of Photo ID Card Software Database Capabilities

Full-feature ID Card Software

Choosing the right ID card software to print your ID cards makes deploying ID cards for your organization more secure and convenient. However, ID card software does differ from brand to brand. Yes, all ID software versions allow you to create card templates, and some allow greater capabilities than others.

If accommodating your organization's ID card needs is pushing you to move beyond the basics, you'll need to consider ID card software that offers database capabilities.

There are a number of ID card software choices that include an internal database to store employee, visitor, or membership data while others do not, such as:

If you need to import and export data to and from your ID card software, you'll need to select a software that has open database connectivity (ODBC). Simply speaking, this will allow you to store not only the ID card templates but also the cardholder data. Plus, it gives you the ability to import a user's name, their security clearance, and other personal information from your existing databases.

To be sure, there are many more enhancements than this, such as automatically printing a different color bar depending on a user's access rights, but for most organizations, the capability to easily reprint lost cards is enough of a plus to justify the upgrade to database software.

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