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Benefits of Magicard HoloKote and HoloKote FLEX

Magicard HoloKote™ is an effective and budget-friendly solution for an organization looking to add an additional level of security to their ID cards. Magicard’s proprietary HoloKote technology is featured on all Magicard ID card printers (excluding all Prima printer models).

HoloKote provides a unique visual security layer that’s similar to holographic film or laminate. It adds a hologram-like image onto the surface of cards through the overlay (“O”) panel of the ribbon during the printing process.

Available in both standard and custom holographic styles, HoloKote provides a variety of security options for a diverse set of business needs. Standard HoloKote images are free because the HoloKote image is created during the application of the “O” panel on a YMCKO or YMCKOK color ribbon. As a result, there are no additional printing costs.

Example of Standard HoloKote Watermark
This is an example of the standard HoloKote globes pattern.

If you decide to have a custom design created with a unique HoloKote image – such as your company’s name, logo, slogan or other desired text, there is a modest one-time set-up charge for encrypting your custom artwork on a key.

The watermark-style image that is visible only when the PVC card is held at an angle. The entry-level Magicard printer models include a standard image when you purchase the printer (available on the Pronto, Enduro, Enduro Duo, and Rio

Pro). In addition to the standard HoloKote patterns, Magicard’s high-end printers give you the ability to create a custom HoloKote FLEX™ Key. This upgradable option is available on select Magicard printers.

The HoloKote FLEX key offers the ability to lock your printer as well as create a custom HoloKote image. In the past, the layout of the custom HoloKote image was restricted to a pattern where the image was repeated six times across the card in four rows.

Sample of Standard Holokote Holograms
This is an example of Magicard’s HoloKote FLEX custom watermark.


HoloKote FLEX provides additional flexibility with the layout of your customized watermark image. It enables you to place a single larger image or company logo anywhere on the card.

Who Can Use HoloKote?
HoloKote is a recommended application for government agencies, colleges, universities, ski areas, water parks, amusement parks or any organization looking for a cost-efficient way to increase card security for identification or for season passes.

With HoloKote from Magicard, you’ll not only be able to create a professional-looking ID or membership card; it also ensures that your ID cards do not get duplicated.

If HoloKote or HoloKote FLEX is an option you would like to incorporate into your ID card issuance program, you can always call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405 to walk you through the pricing information as well as the artwork requirements. We’re here to help!
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