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Evolis Primacy ID Card Printer Review

Being a seasoned ID Professional, the most important aspect of my job is to make sure my customers find the correct printerEvolis Primacy ID Card Printer that appropriately fits their unique business requirements. When a customer reaches out to me for help in choosing the right ID card printer, I normally start by asking them a couple of important questions, including:
  • How are ID badges being used within your organization? For identification, building access, and/or time tracking, etc.?
  • What do you want the badges to look like? A horizontal or vertical orientation? Full-color or monochrome?
  • How many cards will you print in a given timeframe? 20 cards a day? 2,000 cards a year?
  • Is card durability a factor? Do you anticipate printing cards each year for your employees or do you want them to last for a year or more?
When listening to the specific needs of my customers, a number of primary features consistently remain the same. They typically want the printer they choose to invest in to have the following attributes:
  • Fast, reliable, and easy to use
  • Capable of working with multiple operating systems.
  • The ability to manage small, medium, or even large printing operations.
My go-to printer for these types of requirements? It’s always the Evolis Primacy. Speed and Reliability The Evolis Primacy is on one of the fastest card printers on the market. When combined with the right ID card software, the Primacy can print up to 210 full-color cards per hour. It can provide you a single card with full-color images and text in 19 seconds and even monochrome (black) in 4.5 seconds. The Primacy card printer also comes standard with a 100-card input and a 100-card output hopper. Card hoppers allow you to print a high volume of cards without having to feed each card into the printer one by one. This is a real time saver! With a solid three-year printer and printhead warranty, you can rest assured that your Primacy printer will be taken care of for multiple years. Connectivity & Compatibility The Evolis Primacy comes with both USB and Ethernet connectivity for additional flexibility for each end user. With many printers, this is a costly upgrade. But with the Evolis Primacy, it comes standard. One of the great things about the Evolis Primacy is that you can implement some key upgrades yourself if needed. These options include magnetic/smart card encoder and also a dual-sided printing option. If you’re a Mac user, you’ll appreciate that the Primacy includes a Mac driver so it can be used on a Mac operating system. In the industry right now, there are very few printers that are Mac-compatible, let alone come standard with a Mac driver from the manufacturer. This is a key feature as the Primacy can be used in any corporate structure – from a small mom-and-pop company to a global marketing firm. Totally User-Friendly The new LED touch screen on the Evolis Primacy printer makes it super-easy to know exactly when it’t time to replace the color ribbon. The touchscreen displays easy-to-read and accommodating prompts and notifications (especially the ones about printer cleanings and what percentage of the ribbon is left). It can also be beneficial if you ever need to troubleshoot printer functions. The cassette-style ribbons are fast and simple to load which ensures the ribbon gets installed properly every time. Evolis Primacy New Color Touch Screen Display To Sum Things Up… The Evolis Primacy – with its fast and reliable output, versatile compatibility, and easy-to-use features makes it the perfect option for virtually any-sized printing program!
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