Cloud-based ID Software is the Future

Technology is moving at an incredibly rapid pace, and I doubt the train will slow down anytime soon. Think about how many updates your computer must undergo each week or each month. Our phones are set to automatically update so that we can avoid the flood of new versions, patches, and edits that happen on a seemingly daily basis.Illustration: CloudBadging ID Card Software

Although a very unique and specialized environment, the identification industry is also on the fast-track when it comes to technological innovations. In terms of age, it’s very young. For many of the first years, it trudged along with slow advancements and had very little product diversity. In recent years, however, ID badging has made some incredible leaps and continues impressing with staggering progress.

In the past, ID card software has had to play “catch up” with computers and devices, clamoring to stay relevant in a quickly evolving tech world. And for years, ID software has been trapped on one device (an ID card printer, of course) with no hope of escape! Sure, card software support is offered, but most of the time, it’s at a substantial price. Many companies do provide annual service contracts, but they that can cost thousands of dollars a year; this doesn’t even include the software.

But what happens if your computer crashes? You’re left with nothing: no software, no database, no data, and no place to turn. Where once there was data, pictures, and information, there is now a stark, barren binary wasteland. Worst of all, you’re faced with rebuilding everything – your entire credential program – from Square One.

There is a better ID software solution. It’s called CloudBadging ID Card Software.

CloudBadging is a browser-based software application that no longer confines you to a single device. Now you have the freedom to go from taking an ID photo with your mobile phone to printing it out on your computer – without having to upload a single thing. Along with this operational freedom comes the ability to add as many users as you’d like. One, two, 20, 100 – it doesn’t matter. You will not be charged extra fees to add additional users.

Gone are the days of having to worry about losing your data if your computer crashes or has driver failures. CloudBadging safeguards against all of these, because your data is securely stored in the cloud. You can use this revolutionary software on a Mac or a PC, with any operating system and on your favorite browser.CloudBadging ID Card Software Logo

Referred to as SAAS or “Software as a Service,” a CloudBadging subscription means that you no longer have to pay for expensive annual contracts just to get support. You’ll have access to a highly qualified and trained team of techs whose only goal is to get you get back to printing.

CloudBadging is by far the most user-friendly and intuitive ID software on the market. There are step-by-step guides and helpful tips on each new page you visit, so you’ll become a pro in no time at all. You can even ask questions via in integrated chat window that will link you right to our Technical Department!

There is no other software program on the market that offers as much as CloudBadging does with the features, freedom, and flexibility to create professional-quality ID cards and badges – where you want and when you want…you are in control. Call an ID Professional today at (800) 321-4405 for more information.

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