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How Membership Cards Can Benefit Your Business

What are membership or club ID cards? It was Black Friday 2017…I felt like a human bumper car. The hoard of people around me were each jockeying to be the first through the front door of a popular membership-only warehouse club. I fumbled feverishly with my wallet to find my membership card. I feared that if I was unable to produce this colorful plastic card in time, I would not be allowed to enter the pearly gates of this mecca of merchandise and the wonderful discounted treasures that awaited. At exactly 10:00 a.m., I received the nod, passed the threshold and was granted admittance to the Shangri-La of savings.Membership & Club ID Cards

What is the phenomenon I experienced? I was compelled to gain access. The membership card was my golden ticket. There’s just something about being granted access to a select group. Exclusivity can make us bubble up with anticipation at the chance to be part of a club. Being handed a membership card is much like being handed a key to a treasure trove of benefits. It’s a physical manifestation of all the grand, glorious things that will now be within reach.

Many of us enjoy the benefits of memberships or clubs every single day. Membership cards that give us special access to savings, cards that offer exclusive benefits, or cards that provide “member’s only” access such as a zoo, museum, gym…the list goes on and on!

What are the benefits of membership ID cards?
One of the main benefits of club or membership ID cards is that they can create repeat business. It keeps your customers coming back to enjoy the benefits, advantages, or perks you offer. Membership cards can help you maintain a steadier stream of income and even level out business turbulence.

How do you start a membership program?
First: Find out what your customers' needs are. If you don’t know what they want or what interests them, make it a priority to find out. A deep understanding of their needs will be the foundation of your membership program.

Second: Develop a list of exclusive benefits that relate to your customers and keep them coming back. Make it valuable enough for customers to want to join. I recommend a major benefit with three or more secondary benefits.

Third: Create a membership card that looks and feels substantial. You could create a paper membership card, but these types of cards can be easily torn or wrinkled, lessening their perceived value. Having an amazing looking club or membership card that grabs attention and feels valuable will translate into value for your customer.

Fourth: Let all your past and present customers know about the program and its benefits. If you don’t tell them, who will? It’s crucial that you communicate the value of the program via every available means. Email, phone calls, face-to-face, and even traditional direct mail.

Steps one, two, and four are up to you. Depending on your program requirements, only you know how to best reach, engage, and reward your customers. You can trust ID Wholesaler to help you with number three. From the type of ID card printer to use to the best ID software, the right plastic ID cards and everything in between, our ID Professionals have you covered. Call us today at (800) 321-4405.

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