ID Cards

Color PVC ID Cards: Add a Little Color to Your Life!

Most ID cards are a basic white - and for good reason. A crisp white card produces the best full-color print. You may not realize that there are more options than just white. ID Wholesaler offers plastic PVC cards in 14 colors (see options at right). Color PVC cards may be a good option for you, particularly if you're printing one-color cards. Colored cards are great way to:
  • Add color to monochrome prints
  • Classify groups of cardholders
  • Distinguish employees from visitors
Color cards are not for everyone, however. Full-color images will not appear on color cards the way they do on a white card. Depending on your card design, color cards might even make it more difficult for you to identify a person. Also, some printers may not feed dark colored or clear cards due to sensor issues. Contact your printer manufacturer or ID Wholesaler to make sure color cards will work in your specific printer model before you make a purchase. To learn more about your options, shop color ID cards at ID Wholesaler or call an ID professional at (800) 321-4405!
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