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Learn About the Fargo DTC1500XE ID Printer

Fargo DTC1500XE ID Card Printer

Engineered for the precision of an enterprise-grade ID card printer that's priced like a much smaller printer, the Fargo DTC1500XE ID card printer offers high-volume efficiency with professional-quality results. The convenience and lower cost of high-capacity consumables – along with comprehensive features and innovative, easy-to-implement security elements – allows your organization to regularly issue highly secure credentials at a fraction of the cost.

Strengthen card security & promote longevity - Protect your ID cards with the DTC1500XE's security watermarks - a transparent image printed over the surface of the ID card. It's simple to create a custom logo, symbol or text watermark which will turn standard ID cards into fraud-resistant ID badges. There are no special overlaminates, cards, or equipment you need to purchase.

Don't be fooled into thinking that card duplication or counterfeiting can happen inside your building's walls too. It happens. The great thing about the DTC1500XE is that you're able to password protect your printer so that only approved users can access it. Add data decryption for another layer of security. In addition, a resin erase feature scrambles resin-printed text on the ribbon, so it's virtually impossible for thieves to duplicate.

High-output consumables - The DTC1500XE uses printer supplies designed for large runs including the affordably priced 500-print YMCKO ribbon or 850-print half-panel color ribbon. You're getting about 50% more card prints per ribbon and one of the lowest cost-per-card ribbons found in the market.

Take productivity to a whole new level when you use quantity printer ribbons with fast print speeds. This direct-to-card printer produces 225 vividly-colored single-sided cards an hour!

Sophisticated printing with built-in rewrite technology - With 300 dpi and the dye-sublimation printing process, you'll create accurate colors and images onto the surface of the cards. The DTC1500XE printer also features thermal resin transfer which adheres black resin from the ribbon onto the card, so black text and barcodes look clean and crisp.

In addition, this printer helps you more effectively manage visitor badges and temporary ID cards. When used with rewritable cards, the built-in erase and rewrite functionality enables you to reuse cards hundreds of times.

Standard connectivity options - Both USB 2.0 and Ethernet interfaces are included with this printer, so connecting one or more workstations over a network connection is easy. If you need to grant access for card issuance at any time, from anywhere, we encourage customers to invest in Fargo's Wi-Fi Accessory.

Exclusive warranty coverage - With the Fargo DTC1500XE printer, you'll get a 3-year manufacturer's warranty and also three full years of loaner coverage. A loaner printer from ID Wholesaler will allow you to keep your card production program in full swing!

For more information on the DTC1500XE ID card printer's features, functionality and warranty, please call an ID Professional today at (800) 321-4405. We're here to help!

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