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Making Schools a Safer Place

Students Wearing School ID Badges

In today’s society, schools and educational facilities have had to change their perspective on student and staff identification for making schools a safer place. In the past several years, school administrators have realized the critical importance of being more on top of their game for student, faculty, and volunteer safety and security.

One way to effectively provide a safe, secure environment is through the implementation of a photo ID card program for schools – kindergarten through 12th grade – and also for school educators, staff, and visitors.

To maintain a high level of security in school hallways and classrooms, an ID program for schools helps require that each student, faculty member, volunteer, and facility visitor have an identifiable ID badge or visitor badge at all times. It is a way to keep your school safe knowing who is in the building at all time and verifying their identity.

Depending on your exact printing application, a photo ID program can assist by:

  • visually identifying students, staff, and visitors at a glance
  • managing library and/or equipment checkout
  • tracking attendance at school events and programs
  • verifying and validating school bus access
  • and much moreID Card Printer Systems

ID Wholesaler Can Help
We offer an extensive variety of ID printers and ID badge printing systems that can print both single-sided and dual-sided ID badges. Depending on your budget and your school’s needs, a knowledgeable ID Professional can assist you with all of your identification requirements, including:

Creating photo IDs for your school offers a convenient, secure, and effective way to provide parents, teachers, school staff, and students added peace of mind. When you begin researching and shopping for an ID card printer or printing system, rely on the many years of experience and expertise of our ID Professionals.  Call today at (800) 321-4405. We’re here to help!

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