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Membership ID Cards for Churches & Religious Organizations

Church member, staff and visitor cards can help you:Church & Religious Organization Membership Card

  • Visually identify members and guests
  • Track visitor and membership attendance
  • Increase member loyalty
  • Create custom fundraising cards

Provide Visual Identification

Photo ID cards can serve a variety of purposes within your church or religious organization. The most basic is using personalized church member ID cards as a creative way for members of a large congregation to get to know one another. You can also customize your card designs to represent different groups of members. Take it a step further and build value into the cards by creating different card designs for members who’ve reached specific contribution levels.

Photo ID cards can also be an important part of your programs for children — use them to identify parents and children when validating pick-up authorization. Including information such as allergies and emergency contact information on child ID cards is an efficient and convenient way to keep important information readily available.

In order to print ID cards in-house, you’ll need an ID card printer.

Track Attendance

Using barcodes, magnetic stripes or smart cards allows you to track member attendance at various activities. Tracking data such as this can help you make operational or scheduling changes and decisions based on types of attendees, programs that get higher participation, etc. Additionally, you’ll be able to track valuable information for communicating with your members by requiring that the card be read, scanned or swiped at specific locations or for participation in specific activities. Use this information to market to, or communicate with, your members based on their needs and interests.

Increase Church Membership Loyalty

Building your member base can be costly. Custom member ID cards can be produced conveniently and cost-effectively on-site and on-demand using a photo ID card printer. New church members can have their photo taken and receive their ID card in a matter of minutes.

Your member ID cards can also be an extension of your organization’s image. Attractive, professionally-designed cards will convey the right message about your church, staff, and members outside of your church community. Plus, your members will be proud to wear and display a well-designed membership card, both on and off your property.

For more information on how to design functional and attractive member ID cards, read these ID card design tips.

Create Custom Church Fundraisers

In addition to printing church member and staff ID cards, custom fundraising cards can also be conveniently and efficiently printed on-site and on-demand using a photo ID card printer. Work with businesses in your community to provide discounts to cardholders, then design a custom card that advertises the businesses and their offers. Sell the discount cards to members or even throughout your community to raise additional funds for your church or organization.

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