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How to Make Your Own ID Cards

Are you ready to save money by printing your own ID cards? Here is a brief rundown of what you will need, besides a Sample ID Cardcomputer or laptop, to start printing your own ID cards.

ID Card Printer There are a wide variety of ID card printers that will suit a variety of needs from basic single-sided printing, printers that also encode magnetic stripes, printers that add a layer of laminate over the top of your card, and more. What you’ll be printing on your cards and how they’ll be used will help determine what features to look for in a card printer.

ID Card Software You can print ID cards from most any application, including Word and PhotoShop. The benefit of using ID card software is that, in addition to card design features, you’ll be able to store cardholder data records. ID card software differs in a few basic ways:

  • Card design – All card software includes card design software.
  • Design and save your cards in a database – The next level of software includes database capabilities. This allows you to save individual cardholder records.
  • Design, save and network – Higher-end ID card software adds the ability to manage your card database and print over a network.

Printer Supplies & Consumables

You’ll need a ribbon for your printer, PVC cards to print on, and a printer cleaning kit to keep your printer running smoothly.

ID Badge Accessories

Have you thought about how your cards will be worn? There are many options for how to display an ID badge, including lanyards, retractable badge reels, badge holders and badge clips.

Extended Service Plans

To ensure that your card printing program is never out of commission and to protect the investment you’ll make in a printer, consider service plans such as an extended warranty plan or a printer loaner plan.


Taking an hour or two to learn about the set-up and use of your new printer and/or software can save you time in the long run. Reputable resellers in the ID card printer industry will be able to offer you training on both your card printer and your ID card software – on anything from basic set-up to helping you connect to an external database.

Technical Support

As with all online shopping, the expertise and service of the company you choose to do business with is important—perhaps even more important when shopping for technology products that you may or may not be familiar with. When shopping for an ID card printing system, look for a reseller who will be able to answer your questions and help you with problems after you’ve purchased from them.

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