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Quick Comparison Guide for Fargo XE Badge Printers

Special Edition Fargo XE Badge Printers

For over 45 years, Fargo has been a global leader in the development of secure technologies for ID card programs. Many of our customers rely on these printers every day for their badging needs.

ID Wholesaler is proud to carry an exclusive line of Fargo XE ID card printers with new, advanced printing options – including the Fargo HDP6600XE reverse transfer printer and the Fargo DTC1500XE printer with new security options. If you are looking to replace an older printer that can’t keep up with your changing business needs, these two printers are great options.

And your new badge printer will be protected, so you’ll be able to reliably print cards for years. Both the HDP6600XE and DTC1500XE come with an industry-leading three-year printer warranty with loaner coverage and a lifetime printhead warranty.

These two Fargo XE badge printers are both powerful upgrades, but which one is right for you?

If Print Technology Matters
The DTC1500XE is a direct-to-card printer, so your design is printed directly on the card. This is the most common style of ID card printing and has a lower cost-per-card.

The HDP6600XE is a reverse transfer printer, meaning your design is first printed on a transfer film and then that film is applied to the card. This extra step in the printing process gives you true over-the-edge printing and better card durability but at a higher cost.

If Print Resolution Matters

The DTC1500XE comes with standard 300 dpi print resolution. This creates clear images, text, and barcodes that work for the majority of our customer’s badge programs.

If you need high-resolution printing for detailed images, extra clear barcodes, or security features like micro text, the HDP6600XE’s 600 dpi resolution is the better option.

If Print Speed Matters

The DTC1500XE can print up to 225 full-color single-sided cards per hour. This should easily keep up with all but the largest badge program’s printing needs.

Because of their more complex printing process, most reverse transfer printers can take double the time to print a card – but Fargo’s innovative HDP6600XE can print up to 230 full-color single-sided cards per hour! Using patent-pending iON “always on” technology the printer also warms up and is ready to print in just 60 seconds from being turned on. This allows you to get the advantages of high-resolution reverse transfer printing without the slower print times.

If Security Matters

If protecting your card program’s data is important, the DTC1500XE has two important built-in features. First, you can design and print custom overlay watermarks on your cards to deter tampering or counterfeits. You can also “erase” the resin printed data on your used ribbon’s K panel (used to print text and barcodes) to mask what you’ve printed.

Visual badge card security

The HDP6600XE’s higher resolution printing can print security features like micro text that makes it harder to create counterfeit cards. The reverse transfer printing process also makes it harder to physically tamper with the cards to change names or dates.

As part of Fargo’s UpTrade program, you can trade in your old badge printer for a credit toward these Fargo XE models:

  • DTC1500xe/HDP6600XE Single-Sided Printer - $100
  • DTC1500xe/HDP6600XE Dual-Sided Printer - $200
  • DTC1500xe/HDP6600XE Lamination Printer - $350

If you have questions or you are ready to discuss either one of these Fargo XE models, please call your Account Manager today at (800) 321-4405 x2!

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