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ID Cards: The Prescription for a More Secure Work Environment

Same-day surgery center manages employee photo ID and facility access with a single card

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The Facility's Use of ID Cards

"The mission of Short Hills Surgery Center is to make positive and measurable differences in the health of the patients and communities we serve."

For over a decade, Short Hills Surgery Center in Millburn, New Jersey has provided their patients with the highest quality, state-of-the-art medical attention, treatment, and post-operative care. Fully accredited by the Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Short Hills is the largest ambulatory surgery facility in New Jersey, employing nearly 200 healthcare specialists, including 90 staff surgeons.

Since its beginning in 2004, Short Hills Surgery Center has used HID proximity cards for employee identification, access control security, and to fulfill HIPPA compliance. ID cards feature an employee's name, their title, and department, as well as a color photo and the company's logo.


Find a Printer Compatible with Existing Security Technology & ID Software

Short Hills Surgery Center Facility Entrance

In addition to providing ID and security, Short Hills Facility Systems Supervisor Renard Mack selected the HID cards because they were the most compatible with the organization's existing access control system. "The prox card configurations synced up perfectly with the access control system we already had in place," Mack stated.

"For a while, the Fargo DTC300 printer I'd been using to print our cards since 2004 worked great. But after 10 years of continued use, the DTC300 printer began to show its age, taking up to 25 minutes to process a single card," he reported. "Although the overall volume of cards we printed wasn't huge, it was taking a long time to produce the ones we needed and greatly reduced my efficiency," Mack said.

Mack wanted to stay with the Fargo printer brand because it was the card production system he was most familiar with. In Mack's words, "I truly appreciated the simplicity of use and quality output that our DTC300 provided when it was in its prime."

If the new printer was also compatible with the Short Hills access control system, it would sanction a more seamless integration, circumvent having to research and implement a completely new access control system, and would also be compatible with the ID card software they were already using.

When Mack's boss finally realized the problems he was having with the aged printer and the amount of time he was spending producing ID cards, he agreed with Mack that it was time to look for a new printer.

Mack had repeatedly used online photo identification product retailer ID Wholesaler for the past five years to order prox cards and replacement ribbons for his DTC300 printer, so he decided to turn to them for suggestions on a new Fargo printer for Short Hills Surgery Center.


Advance to a Faster, More Robust & Reliable Printer

Short Hills Surgery Center Front Desk

ID Wholesaler Account Manager Steve Curtis asked Mack incisive questions about the features his card program had been lacking or needed improvement in order to be more efficient. Based on their conversations, Curtis ultimately recommended the Fargo DTC4500e single-sided printer. "Everything Steve told me about the DTC4500e was impressive. I felt it would bring our card program back up to speed."

Mack also appreciates the more compact size of his DTC4500e, which sits right under the computer monitor on his office desk. "Setting it up took no time at all; I literally took it out of the box and had it up and running in 10 minutes. The moment I hit the "Print" button, cards start printing immediately. But what I like most is the exceptional print quality; it's spot-on and fantastic," Mack notes.

"The price was affordable for all the features we got with this printer. We were trying to keep costs down in our department, because it was the end of the year. And that's when Steve at ID Wholesaler really came through for us," Mack said. "Steve did a great job helping me find what I needed at a price our budget could accommodate."


Trust the #1 Leader in the Photo ID Industry

Short Hills Surgery Center continues to make ID cards with their DTC4500e printer each week for newly-hired employees and for employees who may have lost their cards. The genuine Fargo supplies purchased from ID Wholesaler – an authorized Fargo reseller – ensure the proper operation and continued high level of quality output is maintained.

When asked if he would recommend ID Wholesaler to others, Mack didn't waste a second in his response. "Absolutely, without a doubt. You can't beat their level of product knowledge, expertise, and outstanding customer service."

Mack's straightforward advice to those researching or shopping online for ID card products? "Tell them to call (800) 321-4405. ID Wholesaler really does know ID!"

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