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What Does My ID Card Printer Come With?

Nearly every time a customer purchases a machine from us we get the same question: what does my printer come with? The easy answer to this question is nothing. Although this isn’t exactly true – some machines come with a free ribbon and others are accompanied with a basic software package (most customers require more than what these diluted software packages have to offer).

If you are looking to purchase a card printing machine, remember that you will essentially just receive the printer, cables, and driver disks to properly install the machine. This is why it is very important – especially for first-time card printer purchasers – to also get the supplies necessary for card production.

How do you ensure you get everything you need to start printing cards right away?
Save time and money by shopping for a bundled system that includes printer ribbon, blank cards, ID software, and/or an ID camera. Bundled systems make shopping easy, plus you will receive cost savings over purchasing the items individually. You can customize your system by selecting from the enhancements available in the Options tab and/or Related Items tab with the product detail page.

If you have questions on building a customized plastic card printing solution, consult with an ID Wholesaler representative via phone at (800) 321-4405, chat, or email; we would be glad to assist! There is also a library of information on every product page. Feel free to use the description and specification tabs to educate yourself, watch videos, and even download demonstrations for different products. This is all helpful information in helping select the appropriate system for your needs.

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