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You Just Purchased Your First Card Printer… Now What?

ID Wholesaler TrainingIf you’ve never used a card printing system, it can be a bit intimidating to start. But with ID Wholesaler, it really doesn’t need to be. You’ve got some options when it comes to getting started and we can help!

Tips for Getting Started
If you are feeling confident in your technical abilities, all card printers come with a user guide or manual that contains some type of quick-start guide. These are pretty simple instructions that you’ll be able to easily follow that will walk you through connecting the printer and installing the printer driver. The printer driver is what allows you to control the printer settings.

Once you’ve completed the installation of the printer and the driver, you’ll want to load the printer ribbon and cards into the printer. When it comes to loading the cards, hold them by the edges and fan them apart, being careful not to touch the face of the cards. This will help remove any static charges that may cause feeding and printing issues.

When the ribbon and cards are loaded into the printer, print a test card. If you’re going to print on proximity cards, I’d suggest printing the first few cards on regular PVC cards until all adjustments are made.

How ID Card Printer Training Works
If you’re looking for more advanced training, we offer training with seasoned, professionally-trained ID Professionals that takes place over the Internet, with screen-sharing, and/or on the phone. We’re able to remotely access your computer and show you exactly what you need to do while explaining it over the phone.

Training is offered one-hour increments, so whether you need help with everything short of opening the box to designing your cards, we can help. Before you know it, you’ll be printing like a pro!

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