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Zebra’s ZC100 LT Card Printer: Replacement for Zebra ZXP Series 1

The Zebra ZC Series printer family now includes the hard-working ZC100 LT single-sided card printer. It replaces the popular Zebra ZXP Series 1 ID card printer and is ready to start printing professional-grade credentialsZC100 LT ID card printer in use right out of the box! For extra value and convenience, the money-saving ZC100 LT printer bundle is also available and includes:
  • Zebra ZC100 LT printer
  • Blank plastic cards
  • 200-print YMCKO color ribbon
  • CloudBadging ID software
Designed with a sleek, modular housing, the ZC100 LT is the industry's slimmest "fit-anywhere" ID badge machine on the market today. There's never been a direct-to-card printer that's as easy to operate and integrate into your existing card issuance program, plus you can increase your organization's branding, operational efficiency, and security with this remarkable badge machine. Producing quality ID cards using dye-sublimation printing technology, the Zebra ZC100 LT ID printer creates accurate images and beautiful, vivid color with thermal/resin transfer for crisp, black text and clearly defined barcodes that scan reliably. It comes complete with a variety of field-upgradeable configuration options, including:
  • Multiple connectivity options Featuring standard high-speed USB and Ethernet ports, the the ZC100 LT can easily integrate anywhere you need it. With its built-in internal print server, you can install the printer on your existing network (LAN). Get the most out of remote access printing without having the printer directly connected to a computer. For mobile printing, this printer can optionally be WiFi-enabled.
  • Encoding Extend the use of your ID card beyond just photo ID! The Zebra ZC100 LT printer lets you choose the encoding option that's best for your business and combine your photo ID card application with other applications like access control, time and attendance tracking, debit transacting, and more. Configure your Zebra ZC100 LT printer to include an ISO 7816 smart card contact station for third-party encoders, ISO 7811 magnetic stripe encoder, and/or a combined contact ISO 7816 and MIFARE ISO 14443 contactless smart card encoder.Zebra ZC100 LT ID Card Printer
Create ID cards quickly & easily Engineered to effectively and efficiently service small- to medium-sized card issuance programs, the ZC100 LT card printer creates high-quality monochrome cards up to 30% faster (700 single-sided cards per hour) and brilliant full-color cards 15% faster (150 single-sided color cards) that the Zebra ZXP Series 1 printer predecessor. When you need a trustworthy card printer, you can rely on this direct-to-card printer to perform. To support your organization's demand, the Zebra ZC100 LT printer features a newly redesigned 100-card auto-adjusting input and output hoppers. Because they have the same card capacity, you'll reduce the number of times you'll need to refill and empty the hoppers. Edge-to-edge coverage The Zebra ZC100 LT single-sided printer system offers dye-sublimation printing for rich, realistic colors and thermal transfer or resin thermal transfer for sharp black text and enhanced barcode images. Manual feed & batch guide Regardless of what your application calls for, the ZC100 LT printer allows you to print cards one at a time or in small, multi-card batches printing. This versatile card printer accepts card thicknesses from 10 mil to 40 mil, providing added flexibility to your card creation. Best of all, the ZC100 LT Series printer operates much more quietly than similar printers, so your co-workers won't be interrupted during the card-making process. Flexible printing options Along with its professional-level 300 dpi dye-sublimation printing, the Zebra ZC100 LT printer provides built-in monochrome printing. Unlike many direct-to-card printers on the market that exclusively print on CR80-sized cards, the ZC100 LT is also capable of printing on CR79 cards. With its extra-large 100-card input hopper, this card printer allows you to print a large volume of cards in a single batch. If you'd like to find out if the Zebra ZC100 LT Series card printer is the right choice for your business, just call a friendly ID Professional today at (800) 321-4405. Our job is making your job easier!
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