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We've bundled everything you need to start printing cards into convenient, money-saving systems featuring retransfer printers. Each reverse transfer card printing system includes: Retrasfer card printer, ID camera, PVC cards, Toll-free technical support, ID card software, Color ribbon, and Retransfer film. Shop with us and save with our guaranteed low prices and FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100!

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Why Choose a Reverse Transfer ID System?

When you order a reverse transfer ID card printer as a standalone piece of equipment, it does not come with the supplies needed to get your card printing program started. Retransfer ID systems are a great solution for first-time printer users, as they include everything you need to start printing cards right away -- a retransfer card printer, ID card software, a printer ribbon, retransfer film, a photo ID camera, and cards.

Not only can a system make your purchase decision easier, it is also easy on the pocketbook. Buying a bundled ID system costs less than if the items were purchased individually. ID systems are a convenient and economical way to establish a card printing program at your organization.

Should I Consider a Laminating Retransfer ID System?

If you recall the old days of cutting and pasting an ID card together, lamination may confuse you a bit. You might wonder why you would need lamination when printing directly to plastic. In plastic card printing, lamination is a clear protective layer that is applied over the top of your printed cards by a printer with lamination capability. It offers three primary benefits to a plastic ID card:

  • Lamination extends the life of your card by protecting it from wear, such as being swiped in a magnetic stripe reader
  • Lamination protects your cards from fading and dye migration when exposed to the sun
  • Holographic lamination increases the security of your cards by making them difficult to copy

Choose a laminating retransfer ID system if your cards will be swiped in a mag stripe reader or will be worn in harsher environments, such as in the sun. Lamination will protect your cards from fading and extend their life -- so you'll need to reprint cards less frequently, saving you time and supplies costs!