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Proximity Card Holders

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Protect and extend the life of your access control cards with proximity card holders, available from ID Wholesaler in a variety of styles, including flexible vinyl, rigid plastic, and FIPS-approved. These specially designed badge holders allow quick card removal and easy magnetic stripe access for convenient card swiping. Refine your results at the left to find prox card holders in a particular style, size, color, or orientation.


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What Should I Know Before I Order a Proximity Card Badge Holder?

Proximity badge holders are designed to hold and protect access control cards. There are a few important decisions you should make before placing an order for proximity card badge holders.

Holder type
You have a few options when it comes to the type of holder: flexible vinyl holders, unbendable rigid holders, and half-card holders designed for use with magnetic stripe cards.

Vertical or horizontal orientation
You also need to know if your badge design has a horizontal or a vertical orientation.

Card removal
Will your cardholders need to remove their cards from the holders frequently to be inspected by security personnel or scanned in a card reader? If so, you may want to choose a holder that has a thumb notch or slider for easy card removal.
What is an Anti-Print Transfer Badge Holder?

Anti-print transfer badge holders feature a material that won't stick to your ID cards, or transfer print from them.

Print transfer, also known as dye migration, is a common issue when cards are worn within a badge holder outside or are left inside a vehicle in the sun. Heat can cause the image from ID cards that aren't laminated to transfer to a standard badge holder. This transfer of the printed card image to the badge holder isn't a problem with anti-print transfer badge holders.

For example, the card at the right was placed inside the badge holder in a hot car for several days. When the card was removed from the holder, some of the card image transfered from the card to the badge holder. An anti-print transfer badge holder would have prevented this from occurring!