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HDP5600XE Printers

Buy Fargo HDP5600XE ID Card Printers

The Fargo HDP5600XE is a high-definition retransfer printer that is available in both single-sided or dual-sided printing. With your choice of 600 or 300 dpi, the HDP5600XE is exceptional at producing microtext and intricately detailed images of characters. In addition to the superb over-the-edge printing, the HDP5600XE comes equipped with an intuitive SmartScreen, Ethernet connectivity, optional encoding, and optional lamination. Plus, your printer is protected with Fargo's three-year warranty and an exclusive three-year loaner coverage with ID Wholesaler.

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    Fargo HDP5600XE ID Card Printer - Single-Sided - 300DPI
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Have Questions about Fargo HDP5600XE Card Printers? We Have Answers!

What are the Main Features and Benefits of the Fargo HDP5600XE?

Fargo HDP5600XE Card Printers

HID Fargo HDP5600XE printers offer impressive high-quality images and flexible printing options, to create a variety of applications. HID Fargo HDP5600XE printers offer professional over-the-edge images, convenient printing options, and is protected with an incredible three-year manufacturer warranty and three year ID Wholesaler loaner coverage.

  • HDP5600XE card printers offer a number of user-friendly features including:
  • Single- or dual-sided printing options
  • Optional single- or dual-sided card lamination capabilities
  • Easy-to-use SmartScreen that helps you navigate your printer
  • Standard USB and Ethernet connectivity for flexibility in where your printer is placed in your facility
  • Optional magnetic stripe, prox, contact and contactless card encoding to print and encode your cards in a single process
  • Modular design to quickly upgrade to more advanced features
  • 600 or 300 dpi printing option to help create crisps intricate text
  • The ability to print to a variety of cards, including pre-punched cards, perforated cards, prox, contact and contactless smart cards and more
  • "Over-the-edge" printing, covering the entire card surface, including the ability to print right up to contact chips
  • Have peace of mind knowing your investment is protected with a three-year warranty and three-year loaner coverage
What are the Benefits of 600 DPI Printing?

600 dpi printing allows you to print very intricate images, as well as tiny text. Creating vivid, highly-detailed artwork on your ID cards has never been easier. The high definition printing of the HDP5600XE also makes it possible to print intricate characters that were previously not possible, such as those used in cyrillic or mandarin.

Why Would I Need to Laminate my Cards?

Fargo HDP5600XE Card Printers

In plastic card printing, lamination is a clear protective layer that is applied over the top of your printed cards by a printer with lamination capability. It increases the life of each card, and helps reduce the cost of re-printing ID badges.

Lamination helps protect your cards from normal wear, prevent cards from fading due to sun exposure, and increase the security of your cards with holograhic laminate options.

Choose a laminating Fargo HDP5600XE if your cards will be swiped in a mag stripe reader or barcode reader, will be worn in extreme conditions, such as in the sun, or if your cards need high security features.
What is a Retransfer Printer?

Retransfer printers print card images to clear retransfer film that is then fused to the surface of a card with intense heat. This type of printing process allows rich, vibrant images that covers the entire surface of your cards. It also allows you to print images to cards with uneven surfaces, such as prox cards, smart cards, perforated cards, and more. Printing to these types of cards with a direct-to-card printer could result in damage to the printhead if the uneven surface comes in contact with the printhead. The retransfer printing process eliminates this risk as the printhead does not come into direct contact with the card. It is this same process that allows the printer to create true over the edge images rather than leaving a small border around the edge of the card.