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Secure & Affordable ID Cards for Government Agencies, Part 3

The Datacard CD810 ID Card Printer

Finding a Balance
By far, the biggest struggle from law enforcement agencies we’ve come across at ID Wholesaler is for finding the balance between ID card security and ID card production costs. We’d all love to have the highest level of security, but let’s face it; it’s not always feasible.

With card printing equipment like the Sigma card printer, your badge program will be a success. You can create tamper-proof, fraud-resistant and most importantly secure ID cards and still stay within your budget.

Being that the CD810 printer is available exclusively from the ID Wholesaler family, this offers yet another line of security for your agency. It’s markedly more challenging for an outsider to get their hands on equipment they could use to re-create your card.

Custom information like an employee’s name, position, photo, etc. could be easily obtained by someone trying to create a fraudulent credential. By incorporating customized elements like Datacard’s exclusive tactile impressions or holographic images, your ID card security can be a successful part of your ID card program.

To wrap our series up, we’d like to reiterate that having secure IDs within organizations has never been more important. That’s why you can rely on Entrust Datacard and ID Wholesaler to help your ID program be as efficient, cost-effective, and secure as possible.

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