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Introducing EcoPass™ Access Cards: A Sustainable Choice for Access Control

In our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and groundbreaking innovation, we are delighted to introduce the EcoPass™ Access Cards—a significant leap towards a greener future. Harnessing the power of pre-consumer recycled plastic, EcoPass aims to reduce single-use plastic consumption by an impressive 85%.

EcoPass Proximity and Smart Cards: An Eco-Friendly Access Control Solution

Explore the EcoPass product line, comprising two eco-conscious options: the 125kHz Proximity Card and the 13.56MHz Smart Card. Crafted from 85% pre-consumer recycled plastic and a PVC laminate overlay, EcoPass cards offer the same durability and print quality as conventional PVC technology cards. Balancing industry-standard technology with sustainability, these cards seamlessly integrate into existing systems while championing eco-friendly efforts.

Paving the Way for a Sustainable Tomorrow: Raising Recycled Plastic Awareness

At ID Wholesaler, we recognize the pivotal role of raising awareness about recycling and its profound benefits in shaping a sustainable future. With EcoPass leading the way in innovative recycled materials usage, let's shed light on compelling statistics emphasizing the positive impact of recycled plastics:

  1. Reducing Plastic Waste: Recycling one ton of plastic can save approximately 3.8 barrels of crude oil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 2 metric tons (EPA).
  2. Energy Savings: Recycling one pound of plastic conserves enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for six hours (American Chemistry Council).
  3. Conserving Resources: The recycling process for plastics aids in conserving natural resources, offering an eco-friendly alternative in various applications, including card manufacturing.
  4. Curbing Ocean Pollution: Recycling plastic contributes to reducing marine pollution, safeguarding marine life, and preserving aquatic ecosystems.

Leading the Charge: US-Based Companies and Sustainable Initiatives

As the demand for eco-friendly products rises, an increasing number of US-based companies are adopting sustainable practices and incorporating green solutions into their operations. Beyond minimizing environmental footprints, these companies resonate with environmentally conscious consumers, inspiring a collective commitment to sustainability.

Embrace EcoPass: A Secure Access Control Choice for a Greener World

Choosing EcoPass Access Cards ensures not just secure access control, but active participation in a movement towards a cleaner, greener world. By opting for EcoPass, you contribute to a circular economy that champions recycling and sustainable practices—charting a brighter future for generations to come.

Join us in embracing EcoPass Access Cards today, and together, let's lead the way in shaping a more eco-conscious future for our planet—one card at a time.

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