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2024 ID Badge Trend Report & Popular Badge Card Applications

The 2024 edition of the ID Wholesaler ID Badge Trend Report shows continued growth of ID badging programs. Nearly 40% of respondents expect the size of their ID badging program to increase in 2024 (a 10% increase over 2023 results). Further, close to 10% of respondents were committed to a strong level of increase. In the modern workplace environment, the role of photo ID badges has transcended mere identification; it now stands as a foundational element within comprehensive security frameworks. Join us as we explore the advantages and prevalent trends influencing badging.

Trend Report Contributors

The 2024 State of ID Badging Survey responses that informs the trend report grew significantly by 240% over 2023 participation. Nearly 1,000 participants responded to the survey which closed in early February. Respondents represented numerous industries, with results showing that the trends were relatively agnostic to industry.

Top ID Badge Trending Factors

Nearly 80% of responses indicated a trend toward increasing the of ID Badging in their organizations. While all industries represented in the survey results lean toward increasing their ID budget, the technology, manufacturing, and government sectors were the most likely to increase budgets. The top three trends driving the increase in ID badging programs were:

  1. Acceleration in hiring
  2. New hardware and/or company policy changes
  3. Desire for increased card security features
trends driving the increase in ID badging programs

The remaining 20% of responses represented a shift toward a decrease. The trends identified as factors for a decrease in badging programs were:

  1. Inflaction/economic conditions
  2. Supply chain delays
trends identified as factors for a decrease in badging programs

Who is Typically Responsible for ID Badging?

Depending on the size of the organization, some or all of ID badging responsibilities are often spread across various job functions. The ID Wholesaler ID Badge Trend report shows that the largest amount of responsibility for managing an organization’s ID badging program falls on the Office Manager or Office Administrator function, with the second largest amount of responsibility nearly equally falling to Human Resources, IT, Operations/Facilities Management, and Safety/Security roles.

Which job function is responsible for ID badging

Most Popular Uses of ID Badges

The use of ID badging for access control and identity verification is becoming an essential asset for organizations spanning diverse sectors. According to results from our 2024 ID Badging Trend Report, total responses represented over 2,000 use cases for ID badging. The most common use of ID badge use was visible people identification, identified from survey responses.  The trend report showed access card use for exterior door entry as another largely popular use for ID badging. A close third place in survey responses went to access card use for interior door access.

Trends Shaping the Photo ID Badging Landscape

As technology continues to advance, several trends are shaping the landscape of photo ID badging:

Mobile ID Solutions: The emergence of mobile technology has paved the way for mobile ID solutions, allowing employees to access facilities using their smartphones instead of traditional physical badges.

Multi-functional Badges: Organizations are increasingly adopting multi-functional badges that integrate with other systems, such as time and attendance tracking, cashless payments, and even health screening amid public health concerns.

Personalization: Customization is key in today's photo ID badging landscape. Organizations are opting for personalized badges that reflect their branding and incorporate unique design elements, enhancing both security and aesthetic appeal. With ID Wholesaler’s CloudBadging ID maker software, it’s easy to create custom ID card designs. Start a FREE trial of CloudBadging!

Sustainability: With a growing focus on environmental sustainability, there's a shift towards eco-friendly badge materials and production processes, reducing the environmental footprint of ID badging programs.

In conclusion, ID Badging programs continue to grow in a post-COVID-19 era. Photo ID badging has evolved from a simple means of identification to a multifaceted tool that enhances security, streamlines operations, and fosters a sense of community. As organizations continue to adapt to evolving security challenges and technological advancements, photo ID badging will remain a cornerstone of their overall security and identity management strategies.

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Infographic: ID Badge Trend Report

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