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Affordable & Easy ID Card Security Features

When it comes to ID card security, more is better.  For example, have you ever given any thought to whether it'd be easy to Hologram PET ID Cardsduplicate your ID card? Think of it this way:  does your ID card have a plain black text on a white background, a photo, and your company logo? If the answer is "yes," it may be time for you to update your card design to add some type of security feature. Not only does this make it difficult to copy your card, it also gives the card a more professional appearance. If anyone has told you that simply adding your company logo would provide a sufficient level of ID card security, you were misinformed. Logos can easily be replicated by counterfeiters, as can brand colors, photographs, and (obviously) text. For a smarter and extremely simple way to increase your ID card's security level, we offer a variety of holographic cards that include a hologram that's already embedded within the surface of the card. Your budget will appreciate the savings, two-fold:  you won't need to invest in expensive custom-made holograms, and you don't need an ID card printer with lamination capabilities. Fargo HoloMark Security Cards: These cards feature a 3-dimensional hologram that will change color and overall appearance when you view it at an angle. These types of cards are about the same price as the hologram seals, and they are much easier to work with compared to seals. Zebra Premier Plus Hologram Cards: With these holographic ID cards, the design offers full coverage across the entire card surface. Made of composite PVC-PET with a polyester core sandwiched between PVC surfaces, Zebra's hologram cards are ideal for laminating and retransfer printers as well as most standard direct-to-card printers for increased security without custom set-up fees or extended lead times. Magicard's HoloPatch Cards: Designed for use with Magicard printers and the HoloKote anti-counterfeiting system, HoloPatch cards include a white plastic card with a gold security HoloPatch in one corner.  The HoloPatch is a highly reflective "super diffuser" that's distinctively visible in all lighting conditions. With the number of affordable off-the-shelf-and-ready-to-use solutions on the market today, there is no excuse for an ID card without some type of visual security feature. You may never have a need to store biometric data on your card, but you can reduce the risk of unauthorized duplication and give it a more professional appearance. For answers to your questions about upping the security for your credential program, call an ID Professional today at (800) 321-4405. Let us put our extensive industry knowledge and expertise to work for you!
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