HID Asure ID 7.7 ID Card Software Update

The photo ID industry’s popular card software – Asure ID® 7 Card Personalization Software suite from HID Asure ID 7 Software UpdateHID Global – has now been enhanced to feature additional, more robust functionality. The recent software development supports biometric enrollment as well as more simplified usability of the card software’s personalization process.

With the new 7.7 release, users will gain the support for biometric enrollment when using HID Global Lumidigm® fingerprint sensors. These added capabilities are integral for supporting the complex requirements of healthcare, corporate enterprise, and government applications. Users now have the ability to store the fingerprint template in an external database. This is accomplished through the use of Asure ID’s Live Link™ real-time data exchange. Fingerprint data can now be written to a variety of smart cards using the iCLASS SE® encoder. The new Lumidigm fingerprint sensor enrollment capability is included in the following two Asure ID 7 editions:

  • Enterprise – Comes equipped with Live Link for large organizations that require multiple
    workstations to share a common database as well as access most third party database applications over a network in real-time.
  • Exchange – Designed for the most sophisticated and secure credential applications combining Live Link advanced database support and iDIRECTOR™ technology card design for smart card deployment.

HID Global recommends that current Asure ID owners download and install the latest update (Asure ID version 7.7). The update is available at no charge to current Asure ID 2009 and Asure ID 7 users. The update can be implemented from within the software application by selecting the following:

  • “Options”
  • Then “Resources”
  • And “Check for Updates”
If you have any questions about the Asure ID 7.7 update, give one of our knowledgeable ID Professionals a call at (800) 321-4405 or chat now We're here to help!
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