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The Benefits of Laminating Printers

The Benefits of Laminating PrintersWhat are the benefits of laminating printers?

Lamination adds a thin clear or holographic layer to the surface of cards during the printing process, protecting its images and information. Some printers must be factory-ordered with lamination and others can be upgraded to lamination in the field. Here are three reasons why you should consider purchasing a laminating ID card printer for your ID card program: 1) Protects from fading When we're working with our ID Wholesaler customers who have ID cards that are going to be outside all day and exposed to the sun, we always recommend laminating ID card printers. The UV rays of the sun can quickly fade the colors of an ID card. Examples of include: lifeguards, construction workers, or outside sales reps.Example of a Laminated ID Card 2) Extends the life of your cards Is your organization using a swipe card reader to use with your time clock system (e.g., time and attendance tracking)? You may find that your ID cards are only lasting two to three months because of the daily swiping. If you're tired of re-making these types of ID cards, a laminating ID card printer will quickly and easily solve this problem. 3) Adds a layer of security There are a number of ways lamination adds security to ID cards. For example, lamination allows you to add visual security features such as standard holograms or custom hologram lamination with your company logo. You can also use a UV ribbon and laminate over the top of the card to make a custom UV hologram. If you have any questions about lamination or laminating ID card printers, call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405, and we will find a solution that will work for you.
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