ID Cards — Basic ID Cards

Basic ID Cards

ID Cards on Demand – We can print your badges for you!

Printing your own badges isn’t for every organization. ID Wholesaler now offers ID Cards on Demand – a badge printing service with flexible options.

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4 Types of Common ID Cards

The 4 Most Common ID Card Types

Watch our informational to get a better understanding of the most common ID card types and which features and functionality meet your specific needs.

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Data Storage on ID Cards

ID Card Data Storage

Understand your options when it comes to contact smart cards, contactless smart cards, proximity cards, and more at ID Wholesaler!

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How to Make School ID Badges Last Longer

5 Ways to Make School ID Badges Last Longer

Increase your school ID badge use and longevity with 1 of these 5 excellent options.

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How to Choose the Right ID Cards

How to Choose the Right ID Card for Your Business

Let an ID Professional explain how to choose the ID card that will work best for your organization.

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Paper ID Cards vs. Photo ID Cards

Paper ID Cards vs. Plastic ID Cards

In addition to being a time-consuming process, creating paper ID cards is not nearly as secure or professional as plastic ID cards.

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ID Cards for Government Employees

Secure & Affordable ID Cards for Government Agencies, Part 1

We’ve helped many government and law enforcement agencies with their employee ID cards. We can help you too!

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Sizes of ID Cards

ID Card Sizes & Dimensions

Find out about the primary differences between the three most common types of ID cards used at organizations large and small.

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Slot Punches

When Should You Slot Punch Your ID Cards?

Find out why you should wait to slot punch your ID cards until they’ve been printed.

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ID Card Printer Machine

Retransfer vs. Direct-to-Card Printing: Which is Right for Your Business?

Get a helpful visual that depicts the differences between direct-to-card and reverse transfer printing.

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Basic ID Card

The Anatomy of a Basic Photo ID Badge

Learn how to make basic photo ID badges, including the equipment and supplies you’ll need and types of information to feature on the cards.

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Magnetic Stripe ID Cards

Learning About the Types of ID Cards Available

By understanding the different types of ID cards available, you can more easily choose the one that’s best for your application.

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