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Hand-applied ID Card Laminates: an Affordable Solution

What’s a cheap way to laminate ID cards?Hand-applied Adhesive Laminates: A cheap way to laminate ID cards

Adding lamination to your card printing program increases the durability of your ID badges and allows you to add visual security features like holograms. Because of their added capabilities, however, ID card printers with lamination are more expensive and few offer field-upgradable options post-purchase.

If increasing the durability and security of your ID badges is a top priority for your organization but your budget is tight, consider hand-applied adhesive ID card laminates. They are an effective (and very affordable!) way to increase the security of your employee credentials without having to purchase a lamination-capable ID card printer. Made from a pressure-sensitive polyester film, the self-adhesive PSHoloLam laminate protects your cards by preventing them from regular use with a swipe reader. It also provides a shield from damaging UV rays which can cause dye migration and fading with non-laminated cards.

Hand-applied adhesive laminates are available in a clear, non-holographic design or four unique holographic designs (e.g., an eagle, secure globe, key hole, and secure shield with key hole). Whether your ID card issuance program calls for minimal or demands maximum visual security, all five designs are offered in multiple thicknesses including:

  • 0.2 mil
  • 0.3 mil
  • 0.7 mil

The five hand-adhesive laminates are available with a standard tabbed backing which easily peels off in a single motion for fast, easy application. The clear, non-holographic option is also available in a center-split, two-piece design in which each piece is removed individually.

No matter what your organization’s visual security needs are, you can trust our ID Professionals to listen to your requirements and offer the best possible solution for you. Call us today at (800) 321-4405 for a free consultation. We love helping our customers!

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