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Options for Custom ID Retractable Badge Reels

There are a number of ways you can customize a retractable ID badge reel for your business or organization.

Custom Logos & Artwork
While we carry a versatile selection of standard badge reels, adding your company logo or other artwork to a badge reel is a great way to promote your company or brand.

There are two places that your logo or artwork can be placed on a custom badge reel: the center of the badge reel or the outer rim.

Your design can be printed directly to the surface of the reel with something called pad printing (see the image at right). Or, your design can be printed to a label that is then attached to the badge reel. To protect the label, a clear dome can cover the printed label.

Clothing Attachment Options
You also have a few options for how to attach a badge reel to your clothing, including:

  • Belt clip - easy to slide on and off with no damage to clothing
  • Spring clip - attaches easily to coats, shirts, or pants (also referred to as an “alligator clip”)
  • Swivel spring clip - allows the badge reel to turn when attached
  • Carabiner clip - easily clips to a belt loop in a secure, easy-to-use fashion
  • Lanyard attachment - attached to a neck lanyard for easy visibility and card use

ID Badge Attachment Options

Finally, you have three choices on attaching your ID badge to a custom retractable ID badge reel, including:

  • Clear standard vinyl strap - snaps your ID badge to your custom reel
  • Clear durable vinyl strap - reinforced vinyl provides added strap durability
  • Swivel hook or split ring - a metal alternative to vinyl strap attachments

When ordering your custom retractable ID badge reels, please be sure to provide your artwork files in one of the following formats: vector, Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, TIFF, GIF, PDF, or BMP.

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