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Custom Badge Reels Offer Increased Security

Personalized Badge Reels

Retractable custom badge reels can serve as a low-cost marketing tool that allows you to both promote your brand and build a brand community among wearers while also increasing security.

In addition, retractable badge reels help ensure that your ID card or credentials stay securely and conveniently with you. Distributing carefully customized badge reels that are easily recognizable makes it easy for members of your organization to identify one another and enable faster security checks.

Personalized badge reels can be customized by adding text around the rim of the badge reel or including a custom pad print image that is printed directly on the center of the reel. Depending on what color badge reel you choose, you'll want to make sure that the color of your print or custom image will provide a high contrast to the badge reel color of your choice. This will ensure that it is easy to see the image and read the text.

  • Rim Print – Custom messages are printed onto to badge reel around the perimeter of the rim. Be sure to specify the font and color on the bottom of the "Options" tab when ordering.
  • Pad Print – Custom logos or images are printed in the center of the badge reel. For optimal results, make sure images are placed on your badge reel color choice.
  • Color Label – Custom artwork or images are printed onto a white label and then applied to the center of the badge reel.

You can also order a clear dome for your retractable badge reels which is placed over your custom-printed label to protect it and add dimension to the reel.

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