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The Easiest Way to Print ID Cards

We've spent years perfecting our product offerings and tailoring our ID card system components to simplify the process for you. We are experts in everything ID-related and can help you narrow things down very quickly!

The easiest way to produce your ID cards is to purchase one of ID Wholesaler’s bundled ID card systems. This way each component is guaranteed to work nicely together. For simple low-volume card applications, the Evolis Primacy ID card system is a popular choice. This bundle comes with basic easy-to-use software and a Credential Cam web camera that ties in with the software for easy, fast photo capture.

For applications involving card technology and larger facilities, we created a Professional Photo ID System just for you! The professional bundle offers full database software with data import capabilities and includes a ValCam camera with pan/tilt/zoom capabilities that are controlled from the keyboard.

All of our bundled systems offer an easy starting point for you to tailor the best solution for your ID card project. With the help of an ID Professional from ID Wholesaler, you can add a signature capture pad, fingerprint scanner, or smart card encoder without worrying about compatibility issues. If we sell it, we have tested it and can tell you what will and will not work.

Don’t forget about badge accessories! Why sort through dozens of badge holder options when we already know what will fit your card? Call an ID Professional today to simplify your search for the easiest way to print your ID cards: (800) 321-4405 x2.

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