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5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your ID Card Printer

If you've ever purchased an ID card printer before, you're well aware that they are not cheap. However, you can easily extend the life of your ID card printer by making sure you follow these five easy steps.An ID Card Printer Step 1 - Clean your printer on a regular basis. All card printers require regular cleaning as part of the ongoing maintenance. Failure to clean the printer may even void your printer's warranty and can lead to printhead damage or card feeding errors. Card printer manufacturers make it easy by supplying cleaning kits designed specifically for their printers, simply purchase the recommended cleaning kit and follow the cleaning instructions found in your printer manual.  Contact an ID Professional if you need a cleaning kit or if we can help you locate a manual for detailed cleaning instructions. Step 2 - Use your printer manufacturer's genuine color and/or monochrome ribbons and laminates (if applicable). Factory-authorized ribbons are designed specifically for each printer model. Using your printer manufacturer's genuine ribbons and other printing supplies will provide rich color and highly detailed images. Step 3 - Always use a dust cover when your ID card printer is not in use. Dust covers keep your printer clean and protect it from dust, airborne debris, and accidental spills. Step 4 - Choose a good location for your printer. Card printers operate best in a controlled environment. Put your printer in a cool and dry location with adequate air circulation to prevent overheating. Don't place your printer near a heat source (radiator, air duct, direct sunlight), and avoid areas that generate excessive dust or excessive moisture. Step 5 - Use high-quality plastic ID cards. Always print on "graphic-quality" or "video-grade quality" cards. These cards have a clean surface that will help optimize the quality of images on your cards. Dust and debris degrade the print quality of your cards and can even damage your printhead. By adhering to these easy-to-follow steps, you'll maintain a higher level of ID card quality as well as prolong the life of your ID card printer. For more information on any of these tips, call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405. "We know ID. It's what we do." is more than a tagline; it's how we run out business!
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