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6 Tips on Maintaining Your ID Card Printer

When you invest in an ID card printer, you’re not just adding a level of security for your employees.

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ID Card Printer Dust Covers

How to Prevent Dust Buildup in ID Printers

Dust is damaging to ID card printers. Learn three ways you can minimize dust buildup in your printer and protect your investment.

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Cleaning Kits

The Types of ID Card Printer Cleaning Kits

There are many types of card printer cleaning kits, each designed for a printer model and area of the printer. Learn about a few cleaning kits and how they work.

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Datacard SD Series ID Card Printers

How to Load Datacard SD Series Ribbons & Cleaning Sleeves

Watch this video and learn how to load ribbons and cleaning sleeves for your Datacard SD Series printers.

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ID Card Printer Dust Cover

5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your ID Card Printer

Extending the life of your ID card printer is as easy as following these 5 simple steps!

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Magicard Enduro3E Limited Edition ID Card Printer

Download Magicard Enduro3E LE Driver & Firmware Updates

Keep your Magicard Enduro3E Limited Edition Printer operating at peak efficiency with the latest driver and firmware updates, user guide, and more!

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ID Card Printer Printhead

2 Ways to Keep a Printhead Under Warranty

Find out what you need to do to ensure your ID card printer stays under warranty.

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ID Card Printer Cleaning Kits

Why is It So Important to Clean Your Card Printer?

With regular maintenance and cleaning, you can literally save hundreds of dollars over the life of your printer!

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ID Card Printers

How Long Will My ID Card Printer Last?

Find out how long a typical ID card printer lasts and what you can do to ensure it continues to produce high-quality ID badges.

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White Line on ID Card

How to Fix the White Line on ID Cards

An unprinted white line on printed PVC cards is usually the indication of a damaged printhead. Learn more about causes this and how to prevent it.

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