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Fargo DTC400e & Persona C30e Card Printer Firmware Update

Fargo has released a firmware update for the DTC400e and C30e card printers to improve printer operations. The Version Firmware update corrects an issue with the DTC400e and C30e printers not detecting an open printer cover. The printers with the firmware update installed will correctly display the error message indicating printer cover is open.

Fargo's firmware update also fixes an issue with extra write/read magnetic encoding passes after docking in a 5121 or 5125 smart card encoder. This firmware update also prevents the printer's rewritable card eraser from failing, occasionally, on the last card of a batch erase.

To optimize your Fargo DTC400e or Persona C30e card printer, install this firmware by visiting Fargo's Tech Support site and select "Printer" from the drop down menu and then select either "DTC400e" or "C30e" from the following drop-down.

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