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How to Print High-quality ID Cards

With security being at such a high priority these days, companies and organizations like schools, small businesses, and How to print a high-quality ID cardcorporations have taken extra efforts to provide a safe and secure environment for employees and the people within their buildings. A straightforward and cost-efficient way companies are improving their security efforts is requiring ID badges to be worn at all times. Having a high-quality ID card is important in the workplace because IDs need to be an easy way to identify individuals and whether or not they’re allowed to be certain areas in the workplace.

A simple ID requirement may seem to be small, but it can prevent disastrous situations from happening in the first place. Before finding out how to print high-quality ID cards, there are a few essentials that need to be in place in order to satisfy expectations and security requirements each company has for their badges.

These essentials include: The ID card printer This is the most important part of printing; without a card printer, there is no ID card. The printer creates the badges that represent the company and the employees. It provides the ID cards with a distinctive look that will stand out and is easy to identify. When it comes to choosing the right ID card printer for your organization’s specific requirements, there are a few things to think about:

  • image quality
  • dependability
  • versatilityHow to print high-quality ID cards

In order to buy the right printer for your needs, knowing your expectations of these three items up front will ultimately help you determine the most appropriate ID card printer to purchase. Printers are very similar but also very different; not all printers will provide you with everything your ID card program may need.

At ID Wholesaler, we have hundreds of printers that will fit the need of any ID format that might be needed for any card program. If you’re stuck and not sure where to start, ID Wholesaler has expert-level Account Managers that can walk you through the different types of printers and help you choose the one that will best accommodate your printing needs.

Other than the card printer, ID software is another integral part if printing professional-grade ID cards. The software is the “brain” that tells the printer what to print and where to print on the unique parts of the IDs.

ID printing software holds all the critical information an ID needs to differentiate from other IDs. Not only does the software design a template that is unique to the organization’s needs; it also has the capability of encoding barcodes and/or magnetic stripes for a multi-purpose ID card.

CloudBadging ID Card Software

With the right ID card software, any company can make an ID that's first-class in quality and serves its purpose in the workplace. Does your company have multiple locations but use the same templates and badging information formatting on all ID cards? We have a specially designed, cloud-based software that’s a great solution if you fit into that category.

CloudBadging Software is web-based, meaning the software can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and on any device that has internet access. It’s fully secured software that’s supported by Amazon security to ensure no one can access, manipulate, or steal your data.

With the right software connected to the right printer, your company can produce high-quality, highly secured ID cards.

ID Card Printer Supplies

Card Printer Supplies
The last essential item that you’ll need to think about when it comes to a high-quality ID is using the right supplies like genuine manufacturer printer ribbons, cleaners and cleaning kits, films, and laminates. Using genuine brand supplies will not only ensure you get the highest quality looking cards out of your printer, but it will also keep your printer operating at its highest capacity.

To make ID cards, you first have to purchase blank cards to print on, and there are many brands available. The bonus is that the cards you choose do not have to be brand-specific; however, they do need the capability to function properly with your printer.

ID cards are going to be a crucial part of how your card looks and how the card functions. From standard PVC or PVC-PET to door access cards and everything in between, ID cards are a vital component of visual security.

Now more than ever, workplace security is a serious concern. Making secure ID cards for your organization a smart and affordable way to help keep everyone safe.

From printers, supplies, and software, you can trust ID Wholesaler and our dedicated Account Managers to be your number one resource for ensuring your company has the tools it needs to make your workplace more secure with high-quality ID cards. Call us today at (800) 321-4405!

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