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How to Take Great Photos for ID Badges

Does your driver’s license photo make you cringe? Fortunately, you can bury your license in your wallet. ID cards, on the Taking photos for an ID cardother hand, will be worn every day for all to see. If you’re responsible for taking your organization’s ID photos and want to know how to take great ID badge photos, these simple tips will help ensure fantastic results!

Put Your Subject at Ease
Many people are uncomfortable about having their photo taken. If possible give the person advance notice about the photo session. Chat with the person for a few minutes before snapping the picture. Finally, allow the person to preview their photo before printing the ID card.

Remember: Location, Location, Location
Set up the camera in a private area with good lighting, preferably natural sunlight. If possible, avoid fluorescent lighting as it can wash people out and result in photos with a bluish tint.

Use a Tripod
A tripod not only keeps the camera steady to avoid blurry pictures, it also keeps the photographer’s hands-free. By using a tripod, you can focus on the person, and hopefully get him/her to smile!

Invest in a Good Photo ID Camera
A high-quality camera = great images. If the photo is a prominent and important element of the ID card, it’s important to use a quality camera that will produce colorful, life-like photos for easy identification.

Use ID Software
ID badge software often includes tools that allow you to crop and edit the photos while in the application. With practice, you’ll be able to easily enhance the look of your images.

Taking great ID badge photos isn’t just about making the ID cardholder happy; it’s also a matter of security. The photo should be crisp and have the closest likeness to the person possible for clear identification.

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