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Learn About ID Cameras

Taking Great ID Card Photos

5 Steps for Taking Great ID Card Photos

If you’re responsible for taking your organization’s ID card photos, ensure high-quality results with these simple tips.

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Professional Backdrop

Why are Photo ID Backdrops Important?

If you want professional-looking employee photos for your ID cards, a photo ID backdrop is an affordable investment.

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Photo ID Cameras

How to Optimize Your ID Card Employee Photos

Learn more about the types of photo ID cameras that are available.

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CredentialCam Pro Camera

Looking for a Great Digital ID Camera?

If you’re taking employee photos for your company’s ID cards, it’s critical that the photo ID camera you choose is up to this important task!

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Quality Photo ID Cameras

How to Choose the Best Photo ID Camera

Learn about what to consider when selecting a camera to use with your card printing system.

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Photo ID Cameras

Which Digital Camera is Best for Taking Photo IDs?

An ID Professional explains why a high quality digital camera is the best option for taking professional-grade photos for your ID card program.

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Four Special Credential Cam Webcam Features

Want a budget-friendly camera for taking your photo ID images? Give the Credential Photo ID Camera a try!

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ID Cameras

Time-saving Tips for Using Photo ID Cameras

Taking new photos for employee ID cards with a photo ID camera could be easier than you might think.

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Cam Pro Photo ID Camera

Snap! Learn More About the Credential Cam Pro Photo ID Camera

A professional ID camera is an important part of a complete photo ID system. Learn key features of the Credential Cam Pro and how it can streamline and enhance your ID program.

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Improving Image Quality with TWAIN Drivers & Digital Cameras

Learn how a TWAIN driver can improve the quality of the photos you take for your ID cards

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