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ID Badges for Manufacturing & Industrial Organizations

In the manufacturing or industrial workplace, new products are being created daily that can improve people’s lives as well asID Badges for Manufacturing & Industrial Organizations change the way they work and play in their everyday lives. Manufacturing companies must keep a keen eye on the non-employee visitors who come in and out of their workplace each day. This helps safeguard employees, prevent theft, and protect company proprietary assets. The safest and easiest way to protect your employees and the crucial information at the workplace is ID badging.

ID badges for are an affordable and easy-to-implement method of monitoring the employees, contractors, vendors, or visitors that enter the workplace. It allows them to enter restricted areas without having the potential threat to harm anyone or anything in the workplace.

There are numerous options when it comes to ID badging and it is up to the company on how high tech the company wants to go when using ID badges. Whatever option a company wants to go ID Wholesaler will have the product and the knowledge to make visual security a breeze. The following employee ID badging options have been successful in a wide variety of manufacturing and industrial businesses:

Building access (proximity) cards

  • Do employees require door access rights to get into your building or facility? If they do, proximity cards are the ideal choice. This type of technology card enables cardholders to enter the facility, simply by scanning the card in front of the card reader.
  • Printing an image of the employee’s face on these types of cards lends to visual security by showing others that the employee belongs in the building.Proximity ID Cards
  • You can also use adhesive-backed cards for the photo ID portion of the badge. Adhesive-backed cards are optimal if your organization has higher employee turnover. Manufacturers can easily and affordably re-use and/or re-issue the proximity card, saving money on expensive technology cards.

Photo ID badge only

  • If manufacturers do not use any proximity card and simply needs a visual indicator of the temporary worker or employee and role, standard PVC cards will work just the same.

Time & attendance tracking using barcodes or other card technology

  • By monitoring when an employee clocks in and clocks out, you’ll have a much more accurate way to manage attendance.
  • It will also aid in the keeping of payroll and hours worked for your accounting team so the employees get paid properly for the time they have worked.
  • By using photo ID badges in the manufacturing workplace, companies will be able to provide safety and security to their employees as well as properly pay their employees for their hard work.

With photo ID badges they can only go as far as how they look. At ID Wholesaler, we have many different printers that will be able to print on any ID card surface that the company is working with. Here are some recommendations that are popular with most of ID Wholesaler’s Manufacturing clients:

Fargo HDP6600XE retransfer card printer

  • High-resolution printing: the cards made with this printer are going to have a vivid high-quality look that will make the cards easier to read and identify the employees.
  • Capable of printing on proximity cards without the risk of damaging the printer or the card's internal components.
  • Lifetime warranty on the printhead so you will never be down printing for a long time.

Whatever needs your manufacturing or industrial workplace needs, you can depend on ID Wholesaler to help identify the badging solution that’s best for your specific needs! Call an ID Professional today at (800)-321-4405.

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