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Staff Cards & Player’s Club Passes for the Gaming Industry

Benefits of Staff Photo ID Cards and Player’s Club/Player Tracking Cards in the Gaming IndustryCasino Gaming ID Card

Printed plastic cards offer operational, security, and even marketing benefits to your gaming business. A printed plastic card can help you:
  • Streamline casino operations
  • Provide guest and staff security
  • Build your brand awareness

Streamline Casino Operations

Printed plastic cards and ID cards are cross-functional, helping you to streamline casino operations, as well as extending new services to your staff and guests. For example, a single employee photo ID card can serve not only as at-a-glance ID, but can also be used for applications such as time and attendance tracking and access control to authorized areas of your casino. Printed plastic cards can be encoded for use as ‘electronic purses’ for use in casino shops, restaurants or vending — increasing guest flow and decreasing loss from theft or inaccurate billing. Expedite your player card issuance by printing single color text and barcodes onto pre-printed cards to be able to visually and electronically track player status, spending, event participation and visits to your casino. In order to make ID cards in-house, you’ll need an ID card printer. Shop ID card printers now!

Provide Guest and Staff Security

Encoded plastic cards are used for accessing guest rooms — further enhancing site security. You can instantly issue secure guest cards and staff IDs that are difficult to forge, but easy to authenticate. Photo ID cards can be personalized with photographs, medical alert information, security clearance information, and can include advanced security features such as holography, UV printing, and even fingerprints. Learn more about how to add visual security features to your ID cards.

Build Your Brand Awareness

The stakes are high — with more than 5,000 casinos competing for a piece of the nearly $50 billion U.S. gaming market, property/brand promotion and customer retention are crucial to your success. One simple way to extend your brand awareness and your casino name is with high-quality printed plastic loyalty cards. For more information on how to design functional and attractive guest ID cards, read these ID badge design tips.
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