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ID Card Solutions for Police & Sheriff Departments

If your police or sheriff’s department is looking to create secure ID cards for law enforcementMagicard Rio Pro Limited Edition ID Card Printer, the Magicard Rio Pro Limited Edition ID Card Printer is an affordable, easy-to-use option. Not only will it help mitigate risk for your ID card badging program, you'll also be able to more efficiently stay on par with your timeline and your budget. Designed for mid- to high-volume printing applications, the Rio Pro Limited Edition printer is a professional-grade ID card production system.

This direct-to-card badge maker can efficiently handle printing jobs from 100 to 3,000 cards annually. Not only does it give you the ability to badge your entire staff, but you can also use the Rio 300 for a variety of other projects to maximize the value of the machine. The biggest feature that law enforcement agencies of all sizes can take advantage of is the free custom Holokote voucher that the RioPro LE printer includes – a value of $650! With your free custom Magicard HoloKote, you can incorporate a unique security feature for your ID badges to make them virtually impossible to replicate. You can add a Holokote or HoloFlex watermark to the front of the card which enables you to customize a watermark and have it printed in the overlay panel.

These are both very cost-effective ways to add security to your ID cards for law enforcement. The difference between HoloKote and HoloKote FLEX: HoloKote uses a fixed 6 x 4 grid pattern that is repeated across the surface of your cards. HoloKote FLEX allows you to specify the size and location of your custom watermark across the area of your cards.

The Rio Pro Limited Edition’s versatility will make the management of your ID card program much more efficient. ID Cards for Law EnforcementWhether you want to print large batches of cards or just a few by hand, this printer can accommodate! It prints up to 150 full-color or 500 monochrome cards per hour, and the printer’s input hopper and card stacker keep your cards clean and organized after they’re printed. In addition to high-quality dye sublimation printing, this printer also offers rewrite technology with a hand-feed slot to print, erase, and update information on temporary ID cards (Magicard thermal card stock required for rewrite capabilities). Plus, the Rio Pro LE comes complete with standard USB and Ethernet connectivity, so you can print cards almost anywhere. Included with the Rio Pro LE is industry best warranty coverage: receive three years of warranty coverage along with three years of loaner coverage!

Essentially, if you ever have to send your printer to ID Wholesaler for repair under the manufacturer warranty, we’ll send you a loaner printer to use while your printer is being fixed so that your badging operations never goes down. For more information about creating ID cards for law enforcement and how the Magicard Rio Pro Limited Edition printer can help your agency increase card security while streamlining costs, call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405 today. We’re here to help with all your ID card printing needs!

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