The Software Choice for Law Enforcement: CloudBadging

ID Software for Law Enforcement

From the largest cities to the smallest towns in America, citizens depend on law enforcement authorities and government officials to keep their communities safe and protected. To ensure the safety of the staff within these vital agencies, administrators are required to create credentials that often require heightened security. When it comes to this particular requirement, we recommend CloudBadging ID Badge Management Software.

CloudBadging is a forward-thinking ID software that offers law enforcement and government organizations the functionality to design and create secure identification credentials. It’s an optimal choice for both sectors, because it combines all of this for one affordable price:

• powerful tools
• exclusive functionality
• cross-platform compatibility
• a single license for multiple users
• full technical support

ID software…simplified
Is the badging application software your agency currently uses complex or challenging to learn? Does it lack flexible capabilities or functionality?

CloudBadging’s user-friendly and intuitive interface lets you do all of this and much more – quickly and easily. This cloud-based software is so easy to use and offers uncomplicated, convenient tools coupled with exclusive, groundbreaking features. In addition to full technical support that you can access within the application, CloudBadging features a complete library of online resources for maximum efficiency.

Best of all, there’s no time-consuming or complicated installation required, so you can start CloudBadging immediately. It’s a web-based application you can access anytime, anywhere and in either a Windows or OS environment. Whether you need to indicate rank, district, or department on your badges or include additional visual elements like a photo, fingerprint, signature, or barcode, CloudBadging is the flexible solution.

CloudBadging has powerful tools & exclusive features

Safeguarded data security
Keeping your data safe is ID Wholesaler’s top priority. Because your information is saved securely in the cloud, there’s no risk of ever losing it should your computer crash, gets hacked, or is stolen. Your data is stored in a unique location exclusive to your account and only accessible with the correct access token.

Trust our industry-leading secure proxy servers and sequestered databases to protect and safeguard your information. CloudBadging always uses TLS encryption to prevent data interception, and data is backed up every five minutes, so it will never be lost.

A single license for multiple users
Unfortunately, many conventional ID badge software applications can catch you off guard with unplanned costs if additional licenses are needed. You may also be unpleasantly surprised with the unforeseen costs associated with required updates or upgrades.

When these types of updates require assistance from your IT department, you could be faced with card program downtime. If you’re tired of expensive software updates and time-consuming re-installations, CloudBadging removes all of these potential issues (and costs) from the card production equation.

CloudBadging: One license, unlimited users

As your law enforcement or government agency grows, CloudBadging grows right along with you. Unlimited users under a single license and unlimited technical support! Each time you log in, you’ll be using the latest, most up-to-date release. There are no installations. Ever. Plus, you just log into your favorite browser on your favorite device for full access to the software.

Cost-effective card production
With most government agencies, time is tight and budgets can be even tighter. By putting your agency’s needs first after careful consideration of your security and badging requirements, you’ll soon realize that CloudBadging is the most affordable, budget-friendly option when it comes to ID software.

Find out firsthand how CloudBadging ID software can revolutionize your law enforcement or government agency. Try it risk-free for three full months with no preliminary costs or fees. Simply call a friendly, knowledgeable ID Professional at (800) 321-4405 for more information. You can also reach out to our CloudBadging Customer Success Managers at (800) 996-3581.

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