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A Magicard Rio Pro ID Printer Review

My name is Teresa, and I've been an ID Professional since 2006. I've helped a wide variety of customers with their printer needs, including low-volume to high-tech, high-volume users. First and foremost, I start off withA Magicard Rio Pro ID Printer Reviewa needs analysis. I begin asking my customer how they'll be using their ID cards and what their card program will entail (e.g., access control, time and attendance tracking, etc.). After they provide me with the necessary details, I fit them with a printer that will accomplish the needs that they have identified. A great many of my customers have really appreciated the results they achieved with the dye-sublimation Magicard Rio Pro ID Card Printer. If you decide this is the right model for your card application, I think you'll thoroughly appreciate it too! Teresa’s Point of View: Most Outstanding & Notable Printer Features
  • Security features – The Rio Pro printer includes an exclusive Magicard feature called Holokote. Holokote enables printer users to print a watermark on ID cards without adding any additional costs to the printing process. The Holokote is applied during the regular printing process with the "O" panel of a standard color ribbon, so holographic lamination is not required which saves my customers money. I generally recommend the Rio Pro when a customer specifically tells me that they need a more affordable way to add visual security to their cards. Holokote is offered in four unique patterns, including globes, keys, interlocking squares, or waves. Depending on a printing program's specific security requirements, custom Holokote is also available.
  • Industry-leading warranty & loaner coverage – Both the single-sided and dual-sided Magicard Rio Pro printers offer a three-year printer warranty and three years of loaner coverage (most printers only offer a single year of loaner coverage). The great thing about loaner coverage is that if you have to send in your printer in to be repaired, the manufacturer will send a loaner printer to use while the original unit is being repaired, which not only saves time but also resources.
  • Standard USB & Ethernet – Your ID card program doesn't need to be limited to a stand-alone badging station. Operate your card issuance program safely and seamlessly over your organization's network with built-in Ethernet connectivity. For added versatility, the Rio Pro is equipped with USB connectivity.
  • Rewritable capabilities – In addition to dye-sublimation printing, the Rio Pro can also perform rewrite printing which enables you to print, erase, and reprint cards numerous times. Not only does this increase the productivity of your application, it also provides a substantial cost-savings. Simply print a color design on one side of your cards, remove the ribbon (rewrite printing does not require using a ribbon), and then use the rewrite feature using rewritable card stock.
  • Simple, convenient operation – This printer has a clear, easy-to-read four-line display panel that provides easy-to-understand instructions and status messages, including when it needs cleaning, when the ribbon needs to be changed, and more.
Teresa's Recommended Upgrades
  • Dual-sided printing – This is one of my favorite features of the Rio Pro! Upgrading to dual sided printing has never been easier. All you need to do is install the simple drop-in kit which is actually a special roll of YMCKOK film that your printer recognizes. Single- to dual-sided printing doesn't get any more convenient than this!
  • Encoding – Upgrading your printer to encoding capabilities allows you to easily add magnetic stripe, contactless, and smart card technologies to your card program. You can combine them with other applications like access control, time and attendance tracking, debit transacting, and more.
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