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Check Out the Rio Pro Limited Edition Printer!

Magicard Rio Pro Uno Limited Edition ID Card Printer

Security has always been a concern for businesses, both large and small. Now more than ever, companies are taking extra measures to ensure the safety of employees, company assets, and credentials.

Increasing the level of security with your ID cards can be expensive if you factor in lamination, holograms (especially custom holograms), or holographic laminate ribbons. The good news is that with the Magicard Rio Pro Limited Edition ID card printer, you’ll get built-in security at no extra cost with their exclusive HoloKote technology. When the state-of-the-art HoloKote watermark feature is added to your cards, you get an added layer of visual security (similar to laminates or holographic film) without the extra printing costs.

Right now, customers who purchase the Rio Pro Limited Edition will also receive a voucher for a free custom HoloKote or HoloFlex imprint – that’s a savings of $600! This type of customization will deter possible fraudulent card creation, because criminals will be unable to reproduce a custom design that’s created uniquely for them. Considering that custom laminates charge a sizeable $10,000 origination fee with the ongoing cost of supplies, you’ll save money in the long and short run!

With the Rio Pro Limited Edition, you can opt for the convenient, field-upgradeable option to dual-sided printing if your ID card program changes over time. For maximum ID card performance, choose the upgrade encoding option. This will allow you to incorporate magnetic stripe, contactless, and contact technology into your card program. You can even combine other applications like debit transacting, access control, and more.

The 3652-0001-LE printer couples the valuable benefits of added security with the ability to produce professional-grade credentials, whether you choose the single-sided or the dual-sided model. All of the printer configurations feature the flexibility of rewrite functionality, so you’re able to print, erase, and reprint cards at a cost that’s both budget-friendly and efficient.

To learn more about the Magicard Rio Pro Limited Edition ID card printer and how you can get a free HoloKote or HoloFlex custom imprint, call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405 today!

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