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Can I Have Multiple People Print ID Cards?

It's always a good idea to have a backup in place in the event that your primary ID card operator is unavailable. When choosing an ID card printer, be sure to confirm that it comes with an Ethernet port. ID Wholesaler offers several that come standard with Ethernet such as the Fargo DTC4500 and the Evolis Primacy. Of course, you can share any local printer, but having an Ethernet port will allow you to install your printer directly to the network, giving it a dedicated static IP address. Over your head a little? No problem, ID Wholesaler has a team of factory trained technicians ready to assist. Installing the printer directly to the network allows you more flexibility in monitoring the device; you will also not be dependent on a PC in order to print. You will also need ID card software that is networkable, such as Asure ID Enterprise or Asure ID Exchange. Both of these versions can be installed on a server for central access, and then simply add a user license for each person. If multiple people in multiple buildings need to access and print to a central printer, then Exchange is the right fit for you. No matter what the scenario or requirements, ID Wholesaler can tailor a solution to your needs. Call an ID Professional today to get started! (800)321-4405
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