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Special Edition Fargo HDP6600 ID Card Printer is Here!

Fargo HDP6600 XE ID Card Printer

If your card printing program demands a high-speed, high-definition ID card printer, look no further than the special edition Fargo HDP6600. With its retransfer printing technology, you can seamlessly create and issue secure, high-definition ID cards in a single cost-effective and reliable solution.

The optimal choice for medium- to large-sized organizations, this full-feature printer uses high-yield, full-color ribbon and lamination supplies. In turn, you can enjoy lower card production costs and maximum efficiency.

Forward-thinking architecture
Should your ID card program expand over time, the HDP6600 XE card printer offers an optional dual-card input hopper. It enables you to manage multiple card types and higher card volumes, so even the biggest card production jobs are no match for this powerful, robust card printer.

This versatile badge machine provides the flexibility you need to meet your requirements today and tomorrow, with convenient field-upgradeable options:

  • dual-sided printing
  • encoding
  • lamination
  • input/output hoppers

Amazing speed & print quality
The special edition Fargo HDP6600 ID printer creates an impressive 230 high-definition ID cards an hour. Engineered for high-volume ID card production, the HDP6600 XE printer features retransfer printing technology to produce and issue secure, high-definition credentials in an affordable and dependable solution.

Multi-layered ID card

With this printer's superior 600 dpi printing, you can rely on exceptional image quality and crisp, clear text for every card printed. Create vividly detailed artwork for your credentials, along with intricate characters previously not possible (Cyrillic, Mandarin, etc.).

Money-saving wasteless lamination
An environmentally conscious option, wasteless lamination eliminates the need for the standard carrier film and take-up core that's included in other lamination consumables. As the exclusive desktop-based retransfer printer on the market today, the special edition HDP6600 can reduce high-volume lamination material costs up to 40%.

With the lamination options available – “instant on” and intelligent temperature control – the HDP6600 XE heats up much more quickly and maintains an optimal operating temperature while conserving energy. That's why this powerful card printer is also GreenCircle® certified.

Stronger security & durability
Credentials printed with retransfer printer technology are significantly more secure and durable than direct-to-card printing. The card's image is printed on retransfer film and then fused onto the card's surface. If counterfeiters attempt to peel apart the card layers, the image will be irreparably damaged.

Retransfer ribbons are ideal for maintaining the quality and integrity of an image. To further enhance security and prevent card duplication, retransfer ribbons can also be purchased with a holographic mark (referred to as the High-Secure Design).

Popular encoding choices
If you card issuance program requires additional functionality, this ID printer is up to the task! With a variety of encoding options, you can configure the special edition Fargo HDP6600 printer for secure magnetic stripe, contact, and contactless smart cards.

Advanced productivity 
With its patent-pending iON or "instant on" technology, the transfer roller and optional laminator rapidly heat up in just 60 seconds which expedites the entire retransfer printing and lamination processes. Unlike other laminating card printers that can take up to five minutes or more, the HDP6600 XE can significantly increase card productivity and quality.

Extended warranty
The HDP6600 XE card printer includes 3 years of warranty coverage, a lifetime printhead warranty, and as an added bonus, 3 full years of loaner coverage at no cost to you. That's a savings of $750 over the course of three years!

To learn more about the special edition HDP6600 XE ID card printer, call a knowledgeable ID Professional today at (800) 321-4405. We can answer your questions about printer features, benefits, and much more!

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