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10 Ways Schools Can Use an ID Badge

Using ID Badges for More Than Just Visual Identification

How schools can use ID badgesWith the advancements in today’s technology, photo ID cards can multi-task more now than ever before. Definitely more than just visual identification!

Here are 10 time-saving and resource-conscious ways that school photo ID cards can be used in a K-12 school or on a college/university campus when it’s time to issue students, staff, and faculty ID badges:

  1. Clearly identify students, faculty, and visitors at a glance.
  2. Store student information like class schedules, emergency contact information, medications, and allergies.
  3. Allow students to use a pre-paid debit card for food service and vending machine purchases (no cash to deal with means faster food service lines).
  4. Track attendance to school, after-school activities, and special events.
  5. Manage library books as well as audio-visual resources.
  6. Track and record athletic equipment check-out.
  7. Access computers and other technology.
  8. Verify school bus access.
  9. Monitor and control who has access to specific areas of the school and the school itself.
  10. Motivate students to achieve academic success.

Whether you’re coming up with your ID badge design yourself or you are working with a graphic designer, download our free guide! It offers six important questions to ask yourself (or the team you’re working with to design and create your cards) before you begin making your organization’s ID badges.­

Improving Your Card’s Security

There are a number of features you can add to your school ID badges to improve safety and security. A basic level of security can be incorporated into your cards within its design. Rather than a photo on a plain white background, consider using custom imagery like school colors, font face, or even the school’s mascot.

To easily distinguish between students, faculty, and staff, incorporate a color-coding system into your cards. For example, add a blue bar to indicate faculty, a green bar to indicate students, and a black bar to indicate administration. You can also design your visitor badges with an entirely different look so that visitor status is clearly evident from a distance.

More advanced visual verification applications include holographic foils and overlaminates which can be either embedded in your cards or applied onto the card’s surface.

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