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What is an ID Card Printer?

ID card printers are a special type of printer specifically designed to print on plastic cards. They share many similarities with the desktop inkjet printer in your home or office. This video provides an introduction to ID card printers while comparing its features to the familiar inkjet printer you use every day.

Video Transcription

New technology can be intimidating. The thing is, ID card printers share many similarities with the inkjet printer in your home or office. ID card printers feature special technology to print on plastic cards to make employee ID badges, membership cards, and more!

To see how easy card printers are to use, let’s compare the features of a card printer to an inkjet printer.

As you can see, no two inkjet printers or card printers look alike. However, each contains similar features and technology on the inside.

While an inkjet printer has a paper tray, a card printer has an input card hopper. The hopper shown here is already loaded with plastic cards.

Those cards will soon be printed with a ribbon like this one.

While an inkjet printer uses ink cartridges, a card printer’s ink is carried on a ribbon.

Once your cards have been printed, they land in the output card hopper and are ready to use!

As you can see, ID card printers really aren’t intimidating at all. In fact, they are just as easy to use as the inkjet printer you use every day.

To learn more about ID card printers, visit or talk to an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405.

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