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HDP5000 Systems

Buy Fargo HDP5000 ID Card Systems

Get all the components you need to start your ID card printing program when you shop our selection of complete Fargo HDP5000 systems. Included is an HDP5000 printer that offers high-definition retransfer printing with Ethernet connectivity plus your choice of single-sided or dual-sided printing. Optional field upgrades include secure lamination, high-capacity card hoppers, Wi-Fi connectivity, and encoding. The HID HDP5000 system also comes with a camera, ID card software, a ribbon, laminate (when applicable) and blank cards.

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Why Choose an HID Fargo HDP5000 System?

HID Fargo HDP5000 ID card systems provide everything you need to quickly and easily get your card printing program up and running. While the Fargo HDP5000 can be purchased as a stand-alone piece of equipment, it does not come with all of the necessary supplies to begin making cards. It's very important, especially for first-time card printer users, to also get the supplies necessary for card production.

Our HDP5000 bundled systems contain supplies and equipment that seamlessly work together. Most systems include a printer, software, ribbon, retransfer film, camera, and cards. Laminating HDP5000 systems also include clear laminate. Plus, each system can easily be customized to varying needs. For example, you can change the type of card, add printer features, such as encoding, upgrade to a more advanced ID camera or ID software, and add extended warranty and/or loaner coverage.

Not only can a system make your purchase decision easier, it is also easy on the pocketbook. Buying a bundled HDP5000 ID system costs less than if the items were purchased individually! ID systems are a convenient and economical way to establish a card printing program at your organization.

Should I Cchoose the Single-Sided or the Dual-Sided HDP5000 ID System?

HDP5000 ID card systems card sample

It depends on how much information you need to put on your cards. For example, if you will only be placing the cardholder's photo and name on your cards, the single-sided HDP5000 system may be ideal for you. However, if you need to place more information on your cards, we recommend the dual-sided HDP5000 system so that you can print to both sides of the card in one, simple process.

The HDP5000 can be easily upgraded to dual-sided printing at any time, with the duplex printing module.

Fargo HDP5000 printers can be easily upgraded to dual-sided printing. Therefore, if you need dual-sided printing in the future, you can purchase the duplex printing module to upgrade your printer at any time.

If you will be creating ID cards with limited cardholder information, choose a single-sided Fargo HDP5000 ID system.
If you will be printing more information on your cards and want the ability to print on both sides of the card, choose a dual-sided Fargo HDP5000 ID system.