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Secure & Affordable ID Cards for Government Agencies, Part 1

Government Agencies

How to Get Started
If you're struggling to get the most value out of your government employee ID cards, it's important to remember that your program is unique to your organization. Sometimes, it’s challenging to know what is best for your situation. ID Wholesaler has been helping law enforcement and government agencies with identity management solutions since 2004, and we provide you with your own dedicated ID Professional to help focus on your specific ID needs.

One of the major questions we hear is, “How do I mitigate the risk in our ID program within our budget and in the timeframe needed?” The most successful government employee ID card programs will put their needs first, plan for versatility, and choose the most cost-effective, secure solution they can.

In many cases, by the time you’re ready to make a phone call to a photo ID specialist and get help to determine the best solution, you’ve already set a budget for this without really knowing what you’re getting into.

The best and most successful ID programs will put their needs first and itemize what they need out of their ID card printing equipment before getting the budget set. By prioritizing these needs and then speaking with an ID Professional at ID Wholesaler, you’ll be able to ensure that your needs are met while setting and sticking to a realistic budget.

Example of a Law Enforcement ID Card

Some of the questions you should ask yourself include:

  • What are our primary security concerns?
  • What security issues have we faced in the past?
  • How would a fraudulent credential affect our agency?
  • What do we currently have in place to protect our agency against fraudulent use or creation of a credential?

Entrust Datacard and ID Wholesaler have teamed up to create the Sigma SL3 ID Card Printer. This unique solution allows you to add important security elements like the industry-first tactile impression feature as well as customized lamination while being mindful of your organization’s budget.

In part two of this three-part series, we’ll address your need for versatility and how the CD810 ID card printer can manage that part of the equation too!

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