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How Barcode Scanners Benefit the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Barcode Scanner

Automated data collection presents a strong solution for ensuring patient safety. Scanning a barcode on a patient’s wristband to confirm medication, specimen collection, and treatment has proven to dramatically reduce medical errors.

The healthcare environment has unique challenges. All equipment must be safe and hygienic, and that includes mobile devices, like barcode scanners. Zebra has engineered a barcode scanner that is purpose-built for the healthcare industry. The DS4308-HC Healthcare Barcode Scanner is a lightweight data capture device with advanced scanning technology, making it the ideal solution for efficient scanning:

  • Tolerates constant disinfecting – The Zebra DS4308-HC is encased in a wipeable plastic housing and features safety-conscious, waterproof sealing. This healthcare barcode scanner stands up to the common solvents and cleaners used in a hospital to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.
  • Fast data capture – Your staff doesn’t waste time and resources aligning the device’s laser with the barcode being scanned. The brightness of the aiming dot and its reach ensures reliable and accurate scanning.
  • Durable, reliable design – Zebra is known for exceptionally rugged and long-lasting devices. This scanner is no exception. The DS4308-HC will endure multiple, 6-foot drops to concrete.
  • “Do Not Disturb” modes – It’s easy to move between decode feedback signals with three convenient options: a light, vibration, or audible tone.
  • Up and running instantly – Setup is quick and easy. The smart auto-host automatically detects which interface is attached for fast plug-and-play operation.
  • Reduced eye strain – Zebra designed a special LED wavelength and recessed lighted to emit a soft, unobtrusive light that reduces eye fatigue.

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